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Are you ever at a loss as to what to get your loved one for their birthday? No doubt they have everything they need, but it is always nice to open a present on a special occasion. 

The staff at Algonquin have put together a list of suggestions to assist you in choosing a gift for your loved one. These ideas might help you solve the problem. Whatever you choose should always be shown at the nursing station, labelled of value, documented in the resident's chart, and have the person's name on it before you bring it to the home. 

This list includes toiletries (no powders), kleenex, greeting cards or drawings made by a grandchild, costume jewellery for the women or monogrammed belt buckles for the men, washable housecoats or sweaters, no-slip slippers, framed photos of a family member or a favourite place, and blankets or comforters to help personalize their room. Foods like fancy candies, cookies, nuts, or cheese may also be given, but should be discussed with the nurse first because of diets, restrictions, doctor's orders, etc. If all good, then food should be stored in tins and monitored for expiry dates. 

Clothing is labelled at Algonquin Nursing Home by our laundry staff with special labels.

Algonquin Nursing Home also has a small tuck shop with some items available that may be purchased.

But remember, the best gift of all is a visit from you. It makes Algonquin "A Place Called Home". 


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