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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Our Code of Ethics

DIGNITY: We honour and respect the individual. We are committed to valuing each person for this or her unique personality and talents. 

INTEGRITY: We uphold a high standard of conduct in dealing with our residents, our co-workers, and our community. 

RESPONSIBILITY: We believe employees and the management of the nursing home are accountable for meeting our goals. 

ETHICS: We conduct our service in a principled manner. We require the same behaviour from all staff, co-workers, and partners, both personally and professionally. 

COMPASSION: We show concern, empathy, and consideration of the needs, well-being, and values of our residents and our co-workers. 

TEAMWORK: Together Everyone Achieves More - We believe that we provide the best services to our residents when we work as a team, in close collaboration with stakeholders throughout the system. We are committed to ensuring that residents, family, staff, management, and the community cooperate, support, teach, encourage, and learn from one another. 

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