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Saturday, August 8, 2020


Is Algonquin Nursing Home smoke free?

The public health issue of smoking and second-hand smoke has given rise to the Smoke Free Ontario Act. As of May 1st, 2006, there is no longer any smoking in the nursing home, or on any of the ANH property at any time of the year, by anyone. If you require support to quit smoking, please see your doctor. The North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit also provides supportive information sessions. We respect that this is challenging , but request all smokers take advantage of the support available. We also urge all non-smokers to be supportive, compassionate, and respectful towards anyone who is willing to quit. For those who choose not to quit, please remember, no smoking of any kind on ANH property. If you must smoke, please use municipal streets. For further information, please review the Smoke Free Ontario Act and Regulations. 

What if I come in the middle of a month?

If you arrive, or leave, in the middle of any month, you don't pay for the part of the month you did not live at Algonquin Nursing Home.

Can I share a room with my spouse?

Yes, if applicant qualifies for admission through CCAC and if the home has beds available. The government understands this expense and reduces your rates if needed.

Do I have to get up early for breakfast?

No, we have flexible breakfasts for your enjoyment.

Can I leave whenever I want?

Yes. Health permitting residents are allowed to leave the home for up to 48 hours per week. Other kinds of leaves are also available. 

Can I keep my own doctor?

Yes. All Mattawa physicians visit weekly at Algonquin Nursing Home. But if your physician is out of town, you may want to make sure they will continue your care. If your out of town physician is not able to continue your care, then a Mattawa physician will be happy to take you on as a patient. 

Can my family or friends join me for meals?

Yes, for a small fee. Preferably, we ask that you let us know 24 hours in advance. 

Are common-law spouses allowed to live at ANH?

Absolutely! If they qualify through the application process with CCAC.

How much do I pay a month?

If you are requiring basic accommodation, your rent will be determined by applying for a rate reduction, as per MOH. If you only receive Old Age Pension and a GAINS cheque, you will receive a complete allowance. The Ontario Government sets the same rate for all Ontario Long Term Care Homes. Semi private accommodation is a set fee as per the MOH.

What if I own my own home and have lots of investments?

Your monthly rate is based only on your income, taken only from your Notice of Assessment from Revenue Canada for basic accommodation and a set rate for semi private accommodation as per the MOH. This rate is the same for all Ontario Long Term Care Homes.

Can I keep my own home or my investments?

Your assets are your own and ANH only requires a copy of your Notice of Assessment from Revenue Canada to determine the rate for basic accommodation and only looks at lines 236 and 435. The MOH decides the monthly rate. All Long Term Care Homes in Ontario charge the same rate.

Do I have to pay extra for food, laundry, cable, or telephone?

Good food, activities, and laundry are included in your monthly cost. Cable, telephone, barber, and hairdresser are extra.

Can I bring my own furniture?

We provide everything you need. However, exceptions can be made for your favourite item. 

What else should I know?

You can do your own banking, and keep your personal business private. However, we have a trust account that you can use, free of charge. We are bilingual, and we have a wonderful variety of activities, religious services, barber and hairdresser, volunteers, and visitors. 

What if I don't like something?

The administrator's door is always opened to listen to you. The Charge Nurses, Office Staff, Cooks, and Activity Staff are all here for YOU. The Resident's Council has monthly meetings to ensure that YOUR rights are respected. The government has several numbers to call if you still have some concerns. Do call if you have questions.

Is there a waiting list for placement?

There usually is a waiting list, but you may call the NECCAC to find out where you are on the list.

Do certified Personal Support Workers look after the residents? If so, what is the ratio of PSW's to residents?

PSWs, HCA, and NAs do look after the residents. There work is overseen by a Registered Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse. The ratio varies depending on need, but is regulated by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. 

Does your company offer sponsorship for a working visa for foreigners?

If the person qualifies to work in Ontario, Canada as a registered nurse, we would be interested in sponsoring.

I am looking into this for my parent. Would they be able to keep their scooter? They really enjoy going out for rides on it.

This can be discussed prior to admission due to space, safety, charging, etc.

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