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Casual, Leave of Absence, or Vacation

At Algonquin, residents are welcome to go on outings with family or friends. Day and overnight trips with family or friends require the resident signing in and out at the nursing station. 

Leave of absence for a longer period of time is governed by provincial legislation. Casual leave of up to 48 hours per week is permitted. You may speak to the office manager for more information on how your casual, leave of absence, or vacation days work, and what you have left. 

Vacations for up to three weeks a year can also be arranged depending on how long the resident has been at the home. This can be taken without risking the Ministry of Health subsidy or losing your bed.

If possible, it would be greatly appreciated if we are informed at least a day in advance of your plans, as it helps us to prepare any medication that may be required on the outing and helps you get out of the door faster for quality time. 

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