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Everyone likes to look and feel good, self-image and self-esteem are very important to all of us. It's great to get something new to wear, clothing has a big impact on how we feel. 

Residents need clothing that is easy to get on because strength and mobility decreases as we get older and getting dressed becomes more difficult. Tops with long front openings, raglan sleeves, and pants with elastic waistbands make it easier for them to get dressed. Velcro fasteners and large buttons also help out. 
For more information on a convenient clothing source, please see our "Shop At Home" section.

For residents at Algonquin, being able to select their own clothes to wear helps them feel independent and increases their level of self esteem. Let the resident decide what they are going to wear and have several choices available for them. They want to be attractive to other residents, the staff, and their family. 

The next time one of the residents is wearing something new or looks especially nice, take the time to tell them they look good. One compliment will go a long way in making that person's day and make them feel that Algonquin is "A Place Called Home".


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