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Being independent is important to all of us. It is even more important to elderly people and residents at Algonquin Nursing Home. Each resident must be allowed to choose and have some input into their everyday activities. By making their own decisions, they will feel more independent.  

Items that make the residents feel independent are outings, use of phones, roommates, care routines, recreational activities, meals, money, and visitors. Many of these things are links to the outside world, 

Simple things like being able to use the phone are very important to them, or having money to go down to the tuck shop and buy a snack. Private phone lines can be arranged in the resident's room if this is part of their everyday routine. Also, choosing what they are going to wear each day makes them feel independent. 

The staff at Algonquin get to know their residents will. They learn what activities are safe for a particular resident and what they can do. This helps them understand their wishes and what makes them feel independent. It is all part of the service that makes the residents feel Algonquin is "A Place Called Home". 


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