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Algonquin Nursing Home offers respite care for anyone who qualifies for admission through the CCAC (Community Care Access Centre). Respite is a service which provides twenty four hour quality care for your loved one. A person can stay for up to 90 days a year at the ANH in the respite care program. 

The respite program provides relief to the regular caregiver from looking after a loved one or a family member. For example, if the caregiver wanted to have a few days off from looking after their loved one, they could leave their family member at the nursing home, or if they wanted to go on a holiday, the nursing home would provide care while they were gone.This can be done several times a year, of if a loved one need extra care for a short period of time, the person could stay at the nursing home. 

Contact the CCAC to start the application:

705-476-2222, or

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