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Shop at Home

Easily clothing shop for your loved one, through Silvert's Adaptive Clothing & Footwear:

  • Silvert's Mobile Clothing Store for the residents at the ANH
  • online:
  • by catalogue
  • retail store in Toronto


Silvert's Mobile Clothing Store makes shopping for the residents at the ANH very easy. Twice a year, the store visits the nursing home bringing with them a complete line of clothing which is on display and can be tried on before purchasing. Anytime something is needed, it can be ordered and shipped to ANH at no cost. Residents can update their wardrobe without ever having to leave the home. 

Many of the garments are designed for seniors who have trouble dressing. There is clothing with open backs which are fastened with either Velcro or domes, etc, but Silvert's do also have regular clothing. 

Prior to the visit, the laundry department will check each resident's wardrobe to see if they need any clothing. A requisition form is then filled out for that resident and Silvert's will then send an estimate sheet. The resident or family then decide if they would like to purchase from Silvert's. Family may also assist that day in trying on clothes and making the purchase from Silvert's.

Silvert's has been on the road for 15 years, travelling to nursing homes throughout the province. All their clothing is reasonably priced and guaranteed to withstand the industrial machines that are used at the nursing homes. They also have a retail store in Toronto and a home catalogue. 

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