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Monday, July 13, 2020

Discharge Planning

Planning for discharge will begin at the time of your admission.

Your healthcare team, in collaboration with you and your family, will determine when you are ready to go home. You will be given specific instructions to follow once you leave the hospital. You may also be given prescriptions for medication and a follow-up appointment time with your doctor and/or other healthcare professionals. If you brought medications to the hospital, please be sure they are returned to you.

If you are being discharged home, please make arrangements for a family member or friend to pick you up.


Responsibility of Patient and Family

In order for the discharge process to proceed as smoothly as possible, Hôpital de Mattawa Hospital would appreciate if you and/or your family would:

  • Provide necessary clothing to be worn at time of discharge.
  • Pack, remove and transport all personal belongings.
  • Fill prescriptions for medications prior to, or immediately following discharge.
  • Make arrangements for the necessary equipment or home modifications as instructed by the healthcare team.
  • Be available to receive necessary instruction for you or your family member’s care prior to discharge.
  • Inform the patient care unit of any unforeseen circumstances which may delay discharge.
  • In the case of an infant, or small child, have a certified car seat available at time of discharge.
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