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Sunday, July 22, 2018


All the news for Mattawa Hospital and Algonquin Nursing Home

Mattawa and Area Family Health Team Read more

Mattawa and Area Family Health Team

In May, we announced that the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care had approved our Hospital with the funding for an interprofessional care team.  Patients who are part of a primary care team typically report higher levels of access to care compared to Ontario residents in general. The key drivers for enhancing patient access include reduced wait times, and interprofessional services.  Patients are able to see the right provider, at the right time! We are pleased to provide you with additional information on the care that will be available at the Mattawa and Area Family Health Team.     

A Place Called Home Read more

A Place Called Home

We are extremely happy to inform everyone that the construction of the new Nursing Home and Health Hub is coming along wonderfully.  We are on time, with a tentative move in date of October 20th, 2018!  We are so touched by all the support and feedback we have received from our community, we hope to soon offer some tours to the public and showcase this beautiful new home.  Stay tuned.

We have heard from you that there were some questions regarding the color of the brick that was chosen and decided to share with you the process and rational behind the beautiful red brick.

How did we choose the red brick - During the planning stages of this project, community members, families and residents were presented with several choices for the exterior finish of the home.  Many engagement sessions took place and everyone participated in the decision. 

Announcing A Place Called Home Campaign Read more

Announcing A Place Called Home Campaign

The Mattawa and Area Health Hub is becoming a reality! We are honoured that several community and business leaders have chosen to lead this campaign to raise $1.5m. to be invested right here for our families and friends.  These exceptional volunteers are committed to reaching out to everyone in our region to invite your support for this important campaign. Together we can make it happen!

New Health Hub to Bring Benefits for All Read more

New Health Hub to Bring Benefits for All

Mattawa’s new Health Hub is now under construction on the Mattawa Hospital campus. The largest component will be the completely redeveloped Algonquin Nursing Home, bringing 73 beds in a beautiful home-like setting with excellent care and support from professional health care services.

Our new Hospice Suite will also have additional space, privacy and conveniences for families and patients. We have had a temporary Hospice for a year and are so pleased that it will become a permanent service and a separate, dedicated space.

In addition to these and many other services, the new Health Hub will feature 2 large rooms for gatherings, celebrations and community events.

Mattawa District Public School visited the Mattawa Hospital Read more

Mattawa District Public School visited the Mattawa Hospital

On June 7, 2018, SK/JK students from the Mattawa District Public School ventured to the Mattawa Hospital for a tour of the facility. The students were oriented through the Diagnostic Imaging department by Francine Charette and Allyson Lamothe.  They visited the Emergency department, and were then oriented by two paramedics, Amanda Lefebvre and Samantha Hinschberger.  The children were very excited to experience the inside of the Ambulance, along with sampling the lights and sirens.

Tee It Up for Mattawa Healthcare Read more

Tee It Up for Mattawa Healthcare

Tee It Up for Mattawa Healthcare

Wednesday August 22nd, 2018 at the Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort

PLUS – Tuesday Practice Round, Funky Cruise and BBQ

This year we are pleased to welcome Derek Forgie as our special guest and emcee.  Actor, comedian and activist Derek Forgie is a remarkable plate-spinner (metaphorically, of course).  When he’s not entertaining the daily in-studio audiences at CTV’s The Social he manages to balance a diet of stand-up comedy, activism and popping up on your TV screen.



Hospice Suite to Become Permanent Read more

Hospice Suite to Become Permanent

Mattawa’s new Health Hub will bring many benefits and services to everyone in our community, from young families to our older population.  Our expanded Hospice Suite will be one of those valuable services.

Hospice is a specialized type of care of the patient and family when cure is no longer possible. This type of care is designed to relieve suffering and to support people in the final phase of a terminal illness. The purpose is to allow patients to receive end of life care all the while creating a home like environment for both the patient and their loved ones.   Since the opening of Mattawa’s temporary Hospice in March 2017, hospice care has been delivered in one of our hospital rooms that has been transformed to create a home like environment

A Key Benefit of the new Health Hub is the complete redevelopment of  The Algonquin Nursing Home Read more

A Key Benefit of the new Health Hub is the complete redevelopment of The Algonquin Nursing Home

Mattawa residents know we are very fortunate to have a long-term care home right in our community. Many small rural communities have to travel long distances to visit elderly family in long-term care Homes.

But in Mattawa, we have come to appreciate the value of the Algonquin Nursing Home: it allows our beloved family members to stay in our community and continue to be surrounded by family and friends in the familiar place they have called home for a lifetime.

The Algonquin Nursing Home has been serving our elderly residents for 40 years, with 73 beds, remarkable staff providing the care and support we all want for our loved ones.


A truly “patient-centred” model! Read more

A truly “patient-centred” model!

The Mattawa Health Hub will bring several health services together to one convenient location.

Construction is now underway: on budget and on time!

Patients, visitors, residents and their families will be able to visit one single location at the Mattawa Hospital whether you are seeing your family doctor, visiting a friend at the Algonquin Nursing Home, a family member in the new Hospice, or supporting a friend who is receiving counselling services.  This model will make health care services more easily accessible for everyone in our community. Everything on one single campus! And even more convenient when the weather turns cold next fall!  Our Doctors and other health care professionals will also benefit:  they can travel easily from one facility to another just by walking down the hall, meaning they can see more patients every day, especially during patient emergency situations.

Health Care Innovation coming to Mattawa Read more

Health Care Innovation coming to Mattawa

The Mattawa Hospital has been providing services to our community for 137 years, evolving from a small facility to the modern 19 bed full service community Hospital we enjoy today. The current Hospital was constructed in 2008 when the province approved and supported the project. With the generosity and vision of the community it was built and is today a place known for excellent care, compassionate professionals and modern facilities.


Contact Mattawa Hospital

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact Mattawa Hospital.

Tel: 705-744-5511
Fax: 705-744-6020

217 Turcotte Park Road
P.O. Box 70
Mattawa, Ontario P0H 1V0

Contact Algonquin Nursing Home

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us.

231 Tenth Street, Box 270,
Mattawa, Ontario, P0H 1V0,
705-744-2202 or 1-800-579-4284

Community Care Access Centre, North Bay Branch Office
1164 Devonshire Avenue,
North Bay, Ontario,
P1B 6X7
705-476-2222 or 1-888-533-2222

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